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Specialty Category Rules

Josey Wales

The Josey Wales category is not a SASS approved shooting category. 

  1. All revolvers are loaded with 5 rounds each per SASS rules.

  2. You will need 5 revolvers. 2 for pistol part of stage, 2 for rifle part of stage and 1 for shotgun part of stage. 

  3. The revolvers are shot with any SASS legal shooting style.

  4. Shooters must comply with all stage instructions.

  5. The revolvers being used for rifle targets (in place of the rifle) will be staged in the same manner as the rifle per stage instructions. The revolvers may be carried in a 4 holster rig to and from the firing line. Shooters may not draw revolvers from holsters to shoot the rifle targets.

  6. If a shooter does not have a holster for each extra revolver, the extra revolvers will be carried with the muzzles up at least head high to the staging area for the rifle so as to not sweep anyone. The RO or other posse member may assist in carrying the shotgun to be staged.

  7. When the rounds required for the rifle targets is less than 10, the remaining rounds will be shot safely into the berm. Do not shoot at targets, target stands or props. Misses cannot be made up. The rounds shot into the berm are not counted as misses.

  8. The shotgun targets are to engaged with the pistol staged in shotgun location. Shotgun targets must hit but are not required fall. If there are more than 5 shotgun targets, additional rounds must loaded o the clock. 

  9. All other SASS Rules Apply.


  1. First and foremost, safety and all SASS rules apply.

  2. Pistols must be shot one handed—you’ve never seen one of your heroes in the movies hold and cock a gun with two hands—so its Duelist, Double duelist, or Gunfighter style only.

  3. Much like the Gunfighter category, Outlaw shooting is NOT for the novice shooter; proficiency in gun handling is a must before trying this class!

  4. You must hold the pistols and shotgun below chest level with elbows bent, without aiming or sighting down the barrel.

  5. The rifle may be aimed and shot from the shoulder if the shooter prefers.

  6. Any SASS approved caliber is allowed. (The Outlaws started to disallow 32s but realized no respectable Outlaw would use something that small—unless it was a pocket pistol!)

  7. As always, local range rules apply!

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