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Costume Contest

Shooting Costume Contest - Friday during shooting

· Shooters will be judged while they are shooting the match.  Judges will circulate to determine the best shooting costumes.

Best Dressed Costume Contest - Saturday at dinner

Judging will take place at the banquet

· All contestants must be SASS members in good standing.

· No prior registration is required for the contest.

· Judges will be set up at the banquet. Please go see them to show off your costume! See schedule for judging time.

· A contestant will only be considered for one category.

· No presentation is required, but you are welcome to tell the judges about your costume.  Criteria used for judging will be authenticity,    originality, details/accessories, and knowledge of costume.

First through third place awards will be presented during the banquet in each of the following best-dressed categories:





B-Western / Silver Screen Man

B-Western / Silver Screen Lady

Soiled Dove/Parlor House Madam

Junior Boy (16 & under)

Junior Girl (16 & under)

Best Shooting Costume Man

Best Shooting Costume Lady

Best Shooting Costume Junior Boy

Best Shooting Costume Junior Girl

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