Side Matches

You don't have to be a fast shooter to win. You have to be a consistent shooter to win.

How our Zero Time Side Matches will work.

The Shooter can shoot the side match as many times as they like. Once they have a time dialed in they will announce the time by writing it on the board. The shooter then tries to shoot the side match as close to the announced time as they can with going faster. 

For example, the shooter announces  7.00 seconds.

The Shooter will then shoot the side match.
If the shooter shoots faster (for example 6.5 second) than the announced time they have busted. They are out.

If the Shooter shoots stage in 7.5 seconds. The score would be 7.0 (.5) for the time. The person that shoots closest to their announced time without breaking out is the winner.
Zero Time Side Matches:
· Zero Time Pistol
· Zero Time Rifle
· Zero Time Shotgun

Additionally, we are planning to offer:

Practice Stage (Included in shooter's fee)
Long Rifle (Included in shooter's fee)
A .22 mini-match. ($10)
A wild bunch mini-match. ($10)
A Black Powder mini-match. ($10)
A Pistol Caliber Carbine match (evil black and modern guns in 9mm,  45acp, etc.) ($10)

You can shoot the PCC and .22 match at the same time so bring your guns.

You can sign up for any of the Mini Matches at the Shoot when you register. 


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